About Us


Invest Idaho Regional Center became a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) designated statewide EB-5 Regional Center in 2009. The mission of the Regional Center is to allow eligible Foreign Investors the opportunity to become lawful permanent U.S. residents, while creating a private financing resource to fund worthy Idaho “Projects” that will provide significant economic growth across the state.


The staff of Invest Idaho will engage in activities related to selection and evaluation of Economic Growth Projects and their oversight upon USCIS approval and funding.  These projects could include but are not limited to Education, Research, Technology and Construction. Projects could include private and public involvement in a collaborative effort to bring new systems, processes, products, services and buildings to market. An example of such a project might be a Turbine Windmill Project that involves a federal agency, one or more counties, one or more cities, one or more public Utilities and private sector businesses working together to generate "alternative green energy". 


Our Invest Idaho Regional Center has two distinct functions, identifying and attracting Foreign Investors interested in immigration to the United States and selection and oversight of Projects within the State of Idaho.


Invest Idaho will engage in the following operational activities related to Foreign Investors and the funding of a Project:

1. Assist Foreign Investors in selecting the right Project for their financial needs

2. Help Foreign Investors through the entire EB-5 process

3. Provide resources to Foreign Investors to assist them with legal issues, relocation     plans, banking and general understandings of the US and Idaho in particular.

4. Management of all Regional Center EB-5 investor marketing activities

5. EB-5 investor vetting and due-diligence, including source of funds validation

6. EB-5 investment and EB-5 investor tracking and reporting, including

    immigration processing

7. U.S. Citizens Immigration Services regional center reporting and compliance

8. Oversight of all Projects