About Idaho

Idaho's land of rugged beauty covers 83,574 square miles, making it the 14th largest of the 50 states. With a landscape that ranges from subalpine to desert, granite mountains to fertile farms, lakes and waterfalls to canyons and gorges, Idaho is a study in geographic diversity. Hell's Canyon, at 7,900 feet, is the deepest canyon in North America, deeper than the Grand Canyon. And the Shoshone Falls, on the Snake River, are higher than Niagara Falls.


Idaho, a state with natural beauty, abundant farm land and an exceptional array of recreational opportunities is truly a magnificent place to live and work. Idaho offers a quality of life that is dreamed of by most and sought after by many.


The Idaho potato is known around the globe, and two thirds of all the processed potatoes produced in the United States are grown in Idaho. Electrical equipment (computer components lead) is Idaho's top manufactured product. Ranking second are food processing (potato-processing plants, beet-sugar refineries, canning and freezing companies, dairies, meat, poultry, wheat processing plants) concerns. Other leading manufactured products are lumber and wood products, machinery (computers most important), chemicals, printed materials (newspapers and commercial printing companies) and fabricated metal products.


Idaho offers a diverse economy with a skilled and educated workforce, state of the art public facilities and a willingness to cultivate next generation technologies.

Idaho is number two in Patents Issued per capita, has the second lowest Energy Costs in the nation and is number seven for Renewable Energy Source Electricity Generation. Idaho has predictable Tax and Regulatory Policies, lowest Crime Rate in the Western United States and the best overall in low Business Costs.


Idaho is teeming with opportunities for business. Did you know that Idaho is ranked 9th in the nation of top states for business by Forbes and 10th for their economic climate? Boise, Idaho's capital city, is ranked the 9th best city in the nation for business and careers.





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